Dietitian's Calculator

a mobile app for iOS and Android

BMI and Energy

Uses personal details, anthropometry, and activity factor to calculate BMI and energy requirements, including

  • Ideal BMI upper and lower weight range
  • Harris-Benedict
  • Mifflin
  • Energy per kilogram
  • Protein per kilogram
Energy Exchange
Calculate carbohydrate, protein and fat exchanges using total energy, macronutrient distribution and allocated exchanges.
Exchange Recall
Calculate total energy and macronutrient percent, energy and gram distributions by using exchanges from a dietary recall.
Choose your preferred units
Weight in kilograms or pounds.
Energy in kilocalories or kilojoules.
Height in centimetres or feet and inches.

The Dietitian's Calculator was developed with dietitians and uses standard exchange values from Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process textbook. This app is intended to only be used by registered dietitians, as part of a consultation, and does not replace a consultation.

If you need dietary help, contact your local dietetics association.

At the moment, the Dietitian's Calculator app is available on Android only in the EU, Australia, South Africa and South Korea.